The content of the course covers the knowledge needed to work as a Visual Merchandiser in the textile sector. Some of the content is generic to the Visual Merchandising profession and can thus be used in any sector of retail.

The content covers the following main topics and is divided into modules mentioned in chronological order:

Understanding the company VM01. Consumer behavior
VM02. Understanding the brand
Knowledge of Visual Merchandising VM03. Colour
VM04. Visual Merchandising parameters
VM05. Styling of Mannequins
Planning and maintaining Visual & Commercial Merchandising    VM06. Space management
VM07. Trimming
VM08. Guidelines
VM09. Training Visual Merchandising guidelines
Developing campaigns VM10. Working with trends
VM11. Collection
VM12. Marketing action planning

Typical learning time will be approximately 33 hours in total, consisting of 50 lessons of voiced over lectures, a few videos showing practical issues and smaller exercises.

On top of this the participant should calculate to spend arrpoximately 100 hours of homework preparing hand in assignments, which will require the participant to use all the gained knowledge from all different modules.

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