The project aims to answer the needs identified by transferring innovative training methodologies and contents about visual merchandising to European regions with reduced training offer in that field. Methodologies and contents will be exported by Denmark, which has a significant and internally recognized know-how in the field of visual merchandising.

Then, project specific objectives are:

  • Increase professional skills about visual marketing in textile sector of the regions of Galicia, Attica, Adana and Lithuania.
  • Contribute to spread a new professional profile in those regions (expert about visual merchandising for the textile sector).
  • Increase the quality and accessibility of vocational training offer in the textile sector).

At the same time, by improving professional skills, the project will contribute to increase employability in the textile sector, helping in this way to reduce the effect produced by the economic crisis.


The final beneficiaries of the project will be the following:

  • Workers of the textile sector involved in marketing and retail activities.
  • Unemployed persons with a previous experience in the textile sector, willing to reconvert their professional skills.
  • Indirect beneficiaries will be the companies of the textile sectors and professional associations, that will be involved in the project thanks to the dissemination and exploitation activities.