Presentation of the Project in Santiago de Compostela, 17th of December 2012

Eva Ben, the project responsible from ATEXGA, presented the project VM-TEXTRANSF the past December 17, 2012 at the Library Anxel Casal (Santiago de Compostela).
In the presentation, Juan Carlos Barrón, as an expert in Visual Merchandising, explained what is visual merchandising and the importance of it for the improvement of the retail sector and mainly, the textile sector. The lecture was very successful and the number of participant’s stakeholders from textile sector was quite high.
For the presentation of VM TEXTRANSF, Eva Ben, started with origin and the process of project design. The next part was the presentation of all the project partners who make a short presentation of each entity. The last part of the presentation consists of project activities description and the way to involve beneficiary’s group as well as local and European stakeholders.